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We find many people who get stuck at the very beginning of the novel-writing process and need a helping hand in laying out the plot, developing their characters, or some other aspect.

Our mentoring service is designed to help new writers make a start. So, if you have a great idea but then no idea how to move forward, then is for you.

How does it work?

For clients wanting mentoring, the first step is a free no-obligation chat to discuss, amongst other things:

1) Current level of writing ability;

2) Past experience in the desired genre - e.g. if you want to write a novel, what creative writing have you done previously;


3) What time and IT equipment you have available;


4) What outcomes you want to achieve and if they are realistic.

This discussion will be done on either Zoom or Microsoft Teams and last about 20 minutes.


Afterwards, we will tell you honestly if we think our Mentoring Service can help you or not, and if in the affirmative we will then discuss likely costs, timeslots, and anticipated duration of service, e.g. we might say it will be £25 per hour twice a week for 4 weeks (while you get going) then one hour per week for the next 20 weeks to monitor your progress and discuss any points that you want to talk about.


So this would cost £700 in total ( = 25x2x4 + 25x20 ) which is not an unreasonable amount of money to have someone hold your hand for the duration of your first draft. This is, of course, only an example - you might want your mentor to read everything you have written and correct you as you go, which will cost more. We will tailor the mentoring to suit you, i.e what you want, need and can afford.


Initial consultations always free and without obligation

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