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Book Cover Design


A well designed and eye-catching book cover is an absolute must if your book is going to stand out either on a bookshop shelf or on a page on Amazon. 

We work with several designers who will get your book cover looking great.

There are some more examples of covers done by our designers set out below.

Cover Download_Kindle.jpg

Initial consultations always free and without obligation



If you have written a book but don't have the necessary skills to make your own cover, then we can arrange to have it done to either your own specifications or by your choosing from some samples.


We can do both the front and back covers and also format the files for use on platforms such as Smashwords and Amazon KDP.


Costs will vary enormously for this depending on what you want. For example, a hand drawn fully bespoke illustration will typically be much  more expensive than a computer-generated stock image type illustration. 

Typically book covers cost in the region of £200 - £400, but using a public domain stock image with simple text can reduce this if you are on a tight budget.


If you want something really quite unusual, please don't be afraid to ask. As you can see, one of the covers above features a picture of a pigeon on a ladder eating the Eiffel Tower while exclaiming "Yummy!"; so pretty much anything can be catered for.

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