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Basic Manuscript Report

So, maybe you've written your novel or other book, and you want an honest opinion if it's publishable or not. Or maybe, you've done just a few chapters and need to know if things are headed in the right direction before you continue. Maybe you want to know if the spelling, grammar and punctuation are indicating that a full edit is needed. 

A basic report covers all of these matters without being too expensive or going into minuscule detail. 

What will we do?

1) An experienced editor will read a sample of your manuscript - for a novel, this would be about the first 3000 words.


2) A software-based analysis of your manuscript will be carried out and around a 500 words sample mark-up done manually.


3) The editor will review your outline or synopsis, if you have one.

What will you get back?

The report will contain feedback from an editor on:

1) your writing style based on what he/she has read, and if this is likely to impress an agent/publisher or not.


2) how many errors there are based on the software analysis and the sample mark-up.


3) if a full edit seems warranted with a full explanation as to which type(s) and why.


4) if your outline/synopsis is likely to be of interest to an agent/publisher or not.

5) in the case of a picture book, if the images are good, bad or indifferent.

What is not covered by a Basic Report?

1) The editor will NOT read your full manuscript

2) The editor will not do a full mark-up NOR make any corrections - but will indicate if there is a problem or not.

3) The editor will not analyse your story for consistency, sense or internal contradictions.

What does it cost and how long will it take to do?

£175 flat fee, irrespective of the manuscript type. Please email us for turnaround times as these will vary depending on how busy we are, however, as Basic Reports are not very labour intensive they can often be fitted in around other work schedules. We have often delivered reports back to authors within 2 weeks.


Initial consultations always free and without obligation

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